OurGreen Manifesto

A journey to deepen the knowledge of the Company, through the ideas and values ​​which have been leading Legnolandia’s sustainable business for nearly two hundred years.

From the early stage of the raw material to the creation of the advanced architectural structures, the journey of wood is determined by aware choices of companies which already know how to design and to manufacture with respect for the human being and the environment. This is the case of Legnolandia, which choose to share the principles guiding its centuries-old business activity, through a Manifesto that can be freely consulted now on the home page of the Company website.
Eight crucial points that explain a real circular way of doing business inspired by values ​​such as sustainable development of the territory, high attention to safety, inclusiveness during the design of each play and production operations with almost zero environmental impact. For each of these points, an in-depth analysis is also available to let you know in detail the approach and the production methods of Legnolandia, underlining how even the smallest choice can make a difference in terms of quality and sustainability. A real journey into the heart of the Company, to discover the backstage of renewable and forefront creations, designed by nature for nature