News 13 June 2023

Nuovo parco giochi didattico a Treviso

Inaugurato il Parco Cà Foncello pronto ad ospitare i bambini della città, gli alunni delle scuole e soprattutto i piccoli pazienti della pediatria.

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News 27 April 2023

New sensory inclusive park inaugurated at Marco Simoncelli house

The new sensory inclusive park was recently inaugurated at Marco Simoncelli house at Coriano (RN) – Italy.

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News 11 April 2023

Green Public Procurement (GPP) more wood, less plastic and metal.

EUROPEAN UNION GREEN PUBLIC PROCUREMENT (GPP) criteria are designed to make it easier for Public Authorities to purchase goods, services and works with reduced environmental impacts.

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News 13 February 2023


Presentato al Quirinale il piano sociale dello sport per tutti.

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News 06 February 2023

Outdoor didactics

Our proposals for the growing need for open-air educational play areas.

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News 01 December 2022

Christmas Crib 2022 in the Vatican.

The masterpiece has been realized by a team of wood craftsmen and it has been inaugurated on 03rd December 2022 in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome.

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News 23 September 2022

Exibition Hotel Show & Index Saudi 2022

Legnolandia has been chosen among several Companies to join this Show and our Play Equipment have been highly appreciated by the local Authorities and Traders.

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News 04 February 2021

The Green manifesto of Legnolandia

A journey to deepen the knowledge of the Company, through the ideas and values ​​which have been leading Legnolandia’s  sustainable business for nearly two hundred years.

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News 10 November 2020

A large Christmas tree, an omen against the pandemic

Symbol of the hoped-for overcoming of the pandemic and homage to the victims of the virus.

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News 22 July 2020


An installation that is part of the prestigious project by Stefano Boeri Architetti of Milan for the renovation of the Polcevera valley.

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News 08 July 2020


The PODs come out from an idea of the brand Legnoquadro (Division of Bio-Construction at Legnolandia) to satisfy an increasing need : living close to nature.

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News 22 February 2017

Donated a playground to the children of Lebanon with UNIFIL

Donated a playground to the children of Lebanon with UNIFIL

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News 25 October 2018

Fertőszentmiklós in Hungary chosed Legnolandia

The Council of Fertőszentmiklós in Hungary chosed a Legnolandia playground

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Playgrounds News 19 January 2017

Exclusive play equipment for children aged from 1 to 6 years

I Love Wood: exclusive play equipment for children made of 100% natural wood without any chemical treatments.

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