News 28 June 2022

“Archeogiochi”: per imparare divertendosi al Museo di Adria

Inaugurato un parco tematico sensoriale al Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Adria

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News 21 June 2022

Sul lago di Lugano un nuovo grande Veliero

Un veliero è stato "varato"” sul lago di Lugano a Ceresio (VA). Si tratta della nuova area giochi inclusiva realizzata dall’amministrazione comunale, all’interno del parco in fase di riqualificazione.

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News 25 January 2022

Child in the City Foundation: classrooms and CO2

A research by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials, Science and Technology (EMPA) analyzed data from CO2 sensors in 150 classrooms in the canton of Grisons

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News 18 January 2022

Confirmed our commitment with FEPI

We have confirmed our commitment with the European Federation which promotes healthy infrastructure and lifestyle for children.

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News 04 October 2021


Agreement between legnolandia and the italian ministry of ecological transition.

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News 04 February 2021

The Green manifesto of Legnolandia

A journey to deepen the knowledge of the Company, through the ideas and values ​​which have been leading Legnolandia’s  sustainable business for nearly two hundred years.

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News 10 November 2020

A large Christmas tree, an omen against the pandemic

Symbol of the hoped-for overcoming of the pandemic and homage to the victims of the virus.

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News 22 July 2020


An installation that is part of the prestigious project by Stefano Boeri Architetti of Milan for the renovation of the Polcevera valley.

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News 08 July 2020


The PODs come out from an idea of the brand Legnoquadro (Division of Bio-Construction at Legnolandia) to satisfy an increasing need : living close to nature.

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News 22 February 2017

Donated a playground to the children of Lebanon with UNIFIL

Donated a playground to the children of Lebanon with UNIFIL

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News 25 October 2018

Fertőszentmiklós in Hungary chosed Legnolandia

The Council of Fertőszentmiklós in Hungary chosed a Legnolandia playground

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Playgrounds News 19 January 2017

Exclusive play equipment for children aged from 1 to 6 years

I Love Wood: exclusive play equipment for children made of 100% natural wood without any chemical treatments.

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News 06 December 2017

A new natural playground in Slovakia.

A new equipped and leisure area was built in the city of Dubnica nad Vahom in Slovakia. The mayor of the city chose wooden games of our Trees Line, the most natural in the world

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News 19 January 2018

New playground for the Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa.

New Legnolandia's playground for the Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa.

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