25 January 2022

A research by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials, Science and Technology (EMPA) analyzed data from CO2 sensors in 150 classrooms in the canton of Grisons.

The link is clear: "More students and teaching staff have been infected with the Coronavirus inside the classrooms with poor air quality than in regularly ventilated rooms," revealed the EMPA. The data was released by the Child in The City Foundation: 

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By using 300 units CO2 sensors, the Grisons Health Department, together with Empa researchers, studied the air quality in 150 classrooms in the canton of Grisons. In parallel, the number of positive Corona test results in these classrooms was recorded. The analysis of the data showed that more students and teaching staff were infected with the coronavirus inside the classrooms with poor air quality than in regularly ventilated rooms. Aerosols play a key role in the transmission of SARS-CoV-2: people who have contracted the coronavirus exhale virus-laden aerosols, in addition to CO2 which can impair cognitive performance and therefore the ability to learn.

The more of these aerosols can circulate inside a room, the research reports, the greater is the risk of other people in the same room being infected as well, especially if they stay in the room longer. Air quality in classrooms has long been thought to affect infection rates in schools, so this Swiss study provides some empirical and statistical evidence to support these theories. Read more... Read more...

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In many Italian regions and in Europe, schools are now adopting an educational model considered to be better than the pre-Covid time. The idea of Legnolandia is an outdoor school with a safe, clean, inclusive and affective teaching, in continuous and constant harmony with the territory.

In a few months, spring will arrive and it will bring a great will to stay outside, and we could discover the "classrooms in th middle of nature" that can be integrated with nature sensory paths, educational gardens, skill tracks to fully exploit the potential of learning in the open air.