22 July 2020

Legnolandia, friulian fir trees will remember the victims of Genoa

We will build the “Memorial Radura”, the commemorative work that will be placed at the foot of the new Ligurian viaduct. An installation that is part of the prestigious project by Stefano Boeri Architetti of Milan for the renovation of the Polcevera valley.
Marino De Santa, President of Legnolandia: "A symbol of strength of two territories which have been able to be reborn under the sign of sustainability" from a destroyed heritage.

la radura della memoria genova BOERI legnolandia

Forni di Sopra, 21st July 2020
The “Memorial Radura”
  of Genoa will be built with the Fir coming from the forests of the Friuli Venezia-Giulia Region, a temporary installation that will be inaugurated with the new viaduct and dedicated to the 43 victims of the collapse of the Morandi’s viaduct, as a temporary preview of the new coming Polcevera Park. Legnolandia - a Friulian Company which has been working this raw material since 1830 - with the support of a network of companies for the Certified Silver Fir "FriûlDane", (recently awarded with the “Legambiente” Green Flag), was commissioned by the Municipality of Genoa to create the Commemorative work that will be placed at the foot of the new bridge designed by Renzo Piano. A structure which is part of a prestigious renovation project of the neighbourhood called Polcevera Park and Red Circle, managed by a team of professionals, led by Stefano Boeri Architetti in collaboration with Metrogramma by Andrea Boschetti, Inside Outside by Petra Blaisse , with Mobility in Chain, Transsolar Energietechnik, Studio Laura Gatti, Secondo Antonio Accotto, and the specialist consultancy of H&A Associati, Temporiuso and the artist Luca Vitone.

Over one thousand square meters of Friulian timber will be used for the construction of the “Memorial Radura”: a circular podium with an external diameter of 50 meters, where 43 trees of different species will be hosted, in memory of the victims of the tragedy that occurred in August 2018. The project is made even more special by the choice to use almost exclusively the timber coming from the Ampezzo Forest (Udine) and the Regional Forests devastated in the same year by the “Vaia” storm which destroyed 3.700 hectares of forest by cutting down trees for a volume of 723,000 cubic meters in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Region.

The Fruli-Venezia-Giulia Region will also contribute to the construction of the structure thanks to a stock of cut down timber to be turned into the work. Therefore that is a symbol of rebirth which also lives through a truly sustainable and renewable raw material: infact, the selected timber enjoys the PEFC Solidarity brand, which promotes respectful management and fair purchase of the wood from the crashed forests.

“It is a honour and an emotion to be able to contribute to such an important project to which we feel so involved - reported Mr. Marino De Santa, President of Legnolandia - The work pays tribute to the memory of the victims, but also represents the great strength of two territories, the Ligurian and the Friulian ones, which have been able to re-start from a destroyed heritage and to see the sustainability like an opportunity for the rebirth ".

t is right the attention to sustainability, together with the ability to manage large and customized projects, being a territorial network, which led Legnolandia to the direct assignment by the Municipality of Genoa: “We have always been working with wood according to the Circular Economy principles and with an almost zero environmental impact - continued Mr. De Santa – our commitment is to protect the Friulian forests through a responsible management, capable of creating value for the entire territory, involving the businesses up in the mountains. These elements characterize the prestigious project of the Architect Boeri and we are proud to be a part of it".

The inauguration of the “Memorial Radura” will represent the laying of the foundation stone of the new Polcevera Park and the Red Circle: the system of parks, ecology and infrastructures that will bring together the two sides of the Genoese valley under the sign of sustainability and the enhancement of the urban context in the coming years. These are the first signs of the park, where the permanent Memorial for the victims of the tragedy of 14th August 2018, will find room with the final installation “Genova nel Bosco”, a work by the artist Luca Vitone who will implement the current project.

la radura della memoria genova BOERI

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