30 April 2020

In the area of bathing facilities, this time of general uncertainty, can turn into an opportunity to re-think the space and to renovate the equipment by meeting the new demand of the users.

Today, more than ever, it is essential for the bath facility managers to deliver security and protection through the proposal of tailored solutions which are safe and respectful of people and environment.

This year, in addition to walkways, umbrellas, playground equipment for kids and many other very high quality items, Legnolandia can propose also modular and customizable separators which will grant everybody a pleasant day of fun on the beach and a worthy rest after these months, in complete safety.

spiagge 2020 legnolandia

In view of the post-Coronavirus bathing season, Legnolandia has designed an innovative beach spot able to meet the demand for safety and social distancing, without giving up the pleasure of the beach life, privacy and ease of access for people with different abilities.

These are low-impact modular structures, surface of 16 square meters (4x4), made with only two materials: solidarity timber from the Friulian forests destroyed by the storm "Vaia" in 2018 and a breathable fabric which is used also for the production of the common surgical masks. The dimensions of the protective walls, 4 meters wide and 1.8 meters high, allow the sunshine in the internal area from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm. The use of TNT fabric - also customizable with different fabrics and colors, is the ideal solution for the air circulation with the due protective filtering.
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spiagge 2020 legnolandia

Functional but also comfortable: these spaces can be equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds, tables and bins, all strictly with solidarity wood. The layout has been designed also to allow the consumption of meals and snacks while remaining comfortably in your own area thus avoiding the gatherings at the beach kiosks.

The access has been designed very carefully: two-way walkways allow you to reach your umbrella safely, while additional mobile walkways facilitate the access for people with different abilities


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