25 October 2018

Fertőszentmiklós in Hungary chosed Legnolandia

The Council of Fertőszentmiklós in Hungary chosed a Legnolandia playground

The Municipality of Fertőszentmiklós is a small community located in the Province of Győr-Moson-Sopron in the Northern part of Hungary. The City Government wanted to have a large playground to attract children and people even from the surrounding villages. It had to be large, solid and eco-friendly. That’s why the Major and his colleagues chosed Legnolandia.

Our Partner in Hungary worked very well with the Council and now the kids, their parents and the local government are very satisfied to let all these people enjoy in a safe, big and eco-friendly playground. “The children of Fertőszentmiklós and from the neighbour communities love this playground” confirmed our Hungarian Partner.

This is an example how Legnolandia could match technical and environmental friendly characteristic features of the Playground equipment with the requirements of a local Government.

Here, you can see some beautiful photos of new Playgrounds.

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