08 January 2019

Legnolandia recognized as a virtuous Company by GreenItaly


Legnolandia Playground Equipment recognized as a virtuous Company by GreenItaly

The Italian Association Federlegno-Arredo collaborated in the outcome of the GreenItaly Report promoted by Unioncamere and the Symbola Foundation.

The report provides every year an updated situation of the field of the Green Economy in Italy with data and case history, from the Wood-Furniture supply chain.

For 2018, as it occured in 2017 as well, the Foundation Symbola identified Legnolandia on its report as a virtuous and innovative case history in the field of Wood-Furniture. Legnolandia showed excellence in reducing the emissions, recycle, water/energy saving for environmental friendly products.

A Company’s value is not measured by its sole economic performance. That’s why Legnolandia always strived to be a virtuous and responsible Company and we have placed ethics and environment at the heart of our strategy and daily practices

greenitaly 2018

Reasons for the recognition:

Legnolandia, Italian Company which is active in the field of urban furniture and building industry, uses only electric energy produced by renewable sources and thermal energy which comes from the processing waste and from the forest cleaning.The Company committed to supporting the Circular Economy and it is designing the whole production range with over 600 articles for playground equipment in order to obtain a longer life span of the products and the recover and the re-use of them at the end of their life span. In particular these elements together with the recyclable materials, with which the Company manufactures these structures (stainless steel and polyethylene) will be used in the realization of a new range of products called “RE-PLAY” which will turn again into playground equipment. Legnolandia has been organizing a network to recover the components from the disposed playgrounds. This year will be available the first products built with recovered materials. This new award follows the "Bandiera Verde" (Italian Green Flag), that Legnolandia received in 2013.

Our road to “Zero Footprint” continues!
To the next target!

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