05 September 2019

Symbolic playgrounds: the most beloved among children.

Given the importance of the symbolic play in the psychomotor development of the children, a playground should always have play equipment that aims to free the imagination of the youngest kids by generating fantastic situations.

Among the most appreciated equipment by the children there are small houses, castles, animals, mazes, small trains and large ships, like those recently installed in the Swedish towns of Strängnäs and Vikigstad.

Sweden is a highly sensitive Country towards the environment. Sustainable wood (excellent renewable material) playgrounds have been installed there with recycled and recyclable materials, reducing the harmful emissions..

Here you can see some pictures of the recent Legnolandia playground installations in Sweden and a short video made during the celebration of the great pirate ship chosen by the children of Strängnäs:

Piratskepp strandat i Västerviken
Se barnen rusa in och inviga nya lekplatsen i Västerviken.


five proposals for outdoor spaces.

Our 40 years of experience at your service to suggest and design specific playgrounds, calibrated according to your needs. A free design that takes into account the type of user, the surrounding environment and the ability of everyone, including each subject without barriers, to play all together.

Legnolandia proposes five projects for equipped spaces where children can play and develop their motor skills and the joy of moving acquiring healthy habits related to an active lifestyle.


Manual and touch skills area.

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Dynamic activities for a coordinated fun.

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Freeing the imagination, generating fantastic situations.

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Development through the game.

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More movement and more life, regardless of age.

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