16 May 2018

New Quality label for the inclusive planning

Legnolandia awarded with the prestigious Design for All (DfA) Quality Label Gold.

During an official ceremony held on 29th May 2018 at the “Triennale” in Milan, the Association Design for All Italy has awarded Legnolandia with the Design for All 2018.

Design for All Italia was born in 1994 as the Italian Institute for the Design and the Disabilty to promote, develop and communicate to society the theory and the practice of the “Design for All” like a tool to enhance diversity, equality and social inclusion in order to contribute to the general improvement of the individual, collective and environmental living conditions.

Planning Design for All means to devise environments, systems, products and services which can be used autonomously by the people with different needs and abilities through the involvement of the human diversity in the planning process.

The DfA solutions are used easily, comfortably and in a pleasant way by most of the users without changes according to the different physical, sensory or cognitive abilities and without having to give up an attractive design.

Legnolandia, thanks to 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing playground equipment, knows well the “barriers” which block the access to disabled children’s activity. Since 2012, Legnolandia, together with the Lab 0246 and the University of Verona, has been improving a complete range of inclusive playground equipment in compliance with the European rules ain force and in dialogue with families, architects and organizations.

The goal is to design and to manufacture items suitable to everybody, trying not to focuse only on the disability but on what the children can do with their abilities, without particular adjustments and without special plans. Indeed, many people have a low or medium disability level which does not require a radical plan like that for the wheeling chair users. The difference between an inclusive park and a play for disabled is the planning designed to allow children to enjoy together without barriers or divisions.

The inclusive play in Italy. Until now there is not a reference law to be applied with the playground equipment, the initiatives are taken by the sensitive municipalities or private admimistration. This topic is currently being examined by the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and by the FEPI (Federation European Play Industry) where Legnolandia is an active member. Read more...

Legnolandia has been identified and selected by a Commission coordinated at the beginning by prof. Bandini Buti and afterwards by dott. Francesco Rodighiero (Director DfA Quality Label). The Commission is also consisting of dott. Claudio Bocci (Director of Federculture), avv. Massimiliano Dona (President of the National Consumers Union) and dott. Rodrigo Rodriguez (President of Materialiconnexion).

Since today, the Legnolandia inclusive products manufactured with a renewable and a sustainable raw material for excellence that is wood, could use the DESIGN FOR ALL quality label which is a guarantee for architects, users, consumers, schools, municipalities and playground maintainers.

Reasons for the DfA GOLD award to Legnolandia project called “Play for All”.

Legnolandia manufacturing process shows many virtuous aspects :

  • For the attention to the energy saving issues, for the prevailing use of zero km raw materials and for the attention to the forest heritage ;
  • For the proposal of children playground equipment diversified with regard to the type of activity, with particular attention to the disadvantaged range of people ;
  • For the rising awareness among the architects to the research of quality for all with the projects which involve their virtuous products ;
  • For the links with the regulatory and protection bodies, professionals and universities, aimed to the research of the improvement of the products for All.

Milan, 29th may 2018
DfA Italia

Here few pictures which have been taken during the DfA quality label giving ceremony at the “Triennale” in Milan.


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