21 December 2018

Agility Dogs fixed tracks in harmony with nature.

The city of Nacka (Sweden) chosed the Agility Dog equipment by Legnolandia in two natural parks.

In the county of Stockholm, the small city of Nacka has installed the fixed equipment for Agility Dogs to create spaces where the dogs can run free, have new friends and share the outdoor activities.

The Dog Park equipment by Legnolandia has been chosen because it matches perfectly with the natural environment of the tourist resorts of Saltsjöbaden and Nyckelviken (fraction of the Nacka Municipality).

The equipment for the Swedish dogs has been realized in wood which is the most ecological material in the world.

They are part of the range called Agility Dogs by Legnolandia.

Few pictures of the new installations:

Nowadays the cities are aiming to become more and more pet friendly that means more livable for the pets and for those who love them. The realization of public spaces dedicated to these wonderful man’s best friends is becoming more and more popular. These zones are commonly called “toddle areas for dogs” or simply dog parks.

Inside these equipped areas the dogs are left free to run without the leash under the responsibility of the owners and with respect for the other visitors. Thanks to the equipment for Agility Dogs which are inside these areas, the dogs can play, move together very quietly and safely.

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