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The growth of the last centuries has been based on the exploitation of the planet’s primary resources, according to the logic of Linear Economy based on “raw materials, production, use, non-recyclabe waste”.

It is now clear that to at least partially meet the needs of the planet it is necessary to switch from a LINEAR to a CIRCULAR ECONOMY, based on the use of raw materials, the transformation process through energy obtained from renewable sources, the extension of the product life cycle, the maintenance rather than replace, the reuse and recycling at the end of the life cycle. The aim is to transform waste into value: ensure healthy and safe living and working conditions, and cause less harm to the environment.


GPP: Green Public Procurement

GPP is the approach that can guarantee sustainability to the system. This approach must find a strong support from the purchases of the Public Administration, to which the European directives ask for a “virtuous attitude” favoring the purchase of products that comply with the Minimum Environmental Criteria.

A real revolution in the purchases of the Public Administrations that is so obliged to be an active part so that the concept of Circular Economy can be undertaken as soon as possible to give value to manufactured products constructed with renewable raw materials, to articles that respond to the concept of recyclable and to the criteria of easy maintenance and reuse at the end of life.




Our company has adopted the Circular Economy for many years proposing these concepts regularly to Italian Municipalities and to most cities in Europe, with the design of products with a long life cycle and the limitation of the use of raw materials, avoiding the introduction of CO2 into the atmosphere.


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