We have been living in the forests and we know well this timber which is the real “prince” of our constructions.

Wood building means an economic advantage and an energy saving for a comfortable and healthy environment. That is enhanced through capable architecture choices.

Wooden houses

The houses and buildings produced by Legnolandia are PEFC certified to guarantee sustainable forest management, and the technological, physical and mechanical peculiarities are also certified. The ecological footprint (quantity of CO 2 issued) is calculated for each individual production line in the supply chain in order to offer end users products low emissions for the protection of people and the environment.
Bio Costruzione
Bio Costruzione

Wonderful, ecological, sustainable, natural and scented. Through the years, we have learnt to choose it, to work it and to preserve it For this reason, our customers really appreciate that there is a century experience behind each element and each technical choice.

Legnolandia choose to build BIO thanks to the Silver Fir timber which comes from PEFC certified forests at “Zero Km” and we have been working it using only energy which comes from renewable sources.

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Bio-Construction designed by the Archistar Stefano Boeri and built by Legnolandia.
Amatrice - Italy

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